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Butterfly valves are fitted throughout the system for the control of the discharge and loading process. These butterfly valves are operated by means of pneumatic actuators to ensure quick opening and closing of the valves to reduce wear on the valves as much as possible. By means of end switches, the PLC control constantly monitors the position of all valves. Should one of the valves fail to close properly, the PLC control immediately takes all the required action to prevent damage and pollution.

All selected materials have proven their reliability in the transport of abrasive materials. The body of the butterfly valves are made of cast iron and the valve, shaft and tapered pin are made of stainless steel. The valves have a vulcanised NBR lining for a perfect seal.

To optimise the discharge process, various automatic and manual regulating valves, check valves etc are fitted. This regulating system makes it possible to adjust for different types of material, different type and length of discharge line, backpressure on the platform etc. To prevent damage or injury as a result of excessive pressures in the tanks or pipelines system, safety relief valves are fitted where necessary.

The dry bulk system discharges through the discharge line. Couplings for easy connection with platform are fitted at the end of each VENT and DISCHARGE line.

Technical Specifications