Spectacular efficiency and environmental savings

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Dordrecht, The Netherlands - November 27, 2011

Spectacular efficiency and environmental savings on offshore drill cuttings handling.

Since opening our offices in Houston, we have been excited by the warm welcome received by our solution for storing and handling drill cuttings on offshore drilling platforms and drillships. This high-efficiency and environment-friendly system is based on the CargoMaxx bulk handling technology already successfully applied in bulk shipping and on growing number of supply vessels.

CargoMaxx is a proven concept based on three generations of innovation in bulk handling. It maximizes the tank capacity of a vessel, by allowing multiple use of tanks to hold both dry and liquid cargo so that they can be utilized both ways of a trip. After taking dry bulk cargo to a platform, a supply vessel's very same tanks can thus be used on the return voyage to carry drilling cutting, mud and other waste materials to shore. Moreover, CargoMaxx also offers spectacularly enhanced load an discharge efficiency.

Following the cement industry and the offshore supply sector, we are now looking to also helpimprove the way drill cuttings are stored and handled on offshore drilling platforms and vessels. Conventionally, drill cuttings are stored on deck in skips, taking up valuable space and even more time to offload onto supply vessels.

Using CargoMaxx technology, waste materials can simply be pumped down through a safe, 100 per cent closed circuit. Ten times faster than in the conventional way, and entirely safe to both crew and environment. Application can of course be included in a new building project, but may also be retrofitted - even offshore, requiring only a platform's own crane capacity.

We would like to invite you to discuss the benefits of Van Aalst's CargoMaxx and drill cuttings handling solutions, and will be happy to arrange for a convincing presentation.

We will visit the workboat show in New Orleans and we also are represented at the Intercem convention at the Omni Hotel in Houston, both in week 48, 2011.