Platform drill cuttings to be stored in bulk with CargoMaxx

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Dordrecht, The Netherlands - August 02, 2011

Platform drill cuttings to be stored in bulk with CargoMaxx.

Van Aalst Marine & Offshore Group is looking to extend its successful CargoMaxx concept, an innovation increasingly installed on supply vessels, to below deck installation on offshore platforms. This will allow for drill cuttings on board being stored in bulk and will facilitate a much faster and safer discharge onto a supply vessel

CargoMaxx is a Multi Application Tank system that may be used both for dry bulk and liquid cargoes. As a result, supply vessels can be loaded to their full capacity both ways, either delivering dry bulk cargo to a platform or drill cuttings back to shore on the return trip. In addition to providing cargo flexibility, CargoMaxx substantially reduces load and discharge times, adding to offshore supply safety and efficiency. The first CargoMaxx-fitted offshore support vessels have recently entered service for Statoil in Norway, with several new buildings underway in Scandinavia and Brazil.

Van Aalst Group CEO Wijnand van Aalst sees opportunity for below deck installation of a similar system on platforms: “Presently, drill cuttings on board platforms are stored on deck in containers that take up lots of space and require intensive physical handling during transfer onto a supply vessel. We have developed a solution based on our CargoMaxx concept to be built into or even retrofitted on platforms, to serve as a bulk storage and discharge facility for drill cuttings. The tanks can be fitted below deck, clearing up valuable deck space. But just as important, it puts an end to the need for skips being offloaded by crane to be taken to shore. Offloading drill cuttings from the CargoMaxx tanks is incredibly fast, easily more than 50 cubic meters per hour. As even parallel loading onto the platform and discharging to the supplier is possible, the berth time is substantially reduced.”

As opposed to conventional pneumatic cargo transfer systems, CargoMaxx provides not just more than ten times faster discharge capacity. “The system has already proven its reliability on board supply vessels. It is a closed system with zero environmental impact that provides perfect safety for platform and vessel personnel, as any exposure to the substance is eliminated during the entire discharge process,” says Van Aalst.