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Cargomaxx Drilling is a fact

The drilling market demands new environmental solutions. The products of the group can be used for this high demanding specialized market.


Singapore office opened to create a regional hub close to our main markets in Asia

Van Aalst Marine & Offshore B.V. opens an office in Singapore to boost sales of our systems for both vessels and mobile offshore drilling units. The Singapore office will act as a regional hub for sales and after sales and as it is located in the center of our main markets in Asia.


Houston office opened for US PSV owners and the drill (cuttings) market

Van Aalst Marine & Offshore B.V. opens an office in Houston – USA, to promote the successful Cargomaxx system for both vessels and mobile offshore drilling units.


Certified by ISO 9001:2008

Van Aalst Marine & Offshore B.V. is approved by LRS for their quality Management System Standard ISO 9001:2008.


CARGOMAXX idea becomes a company

Driven by market demands and environmental changes Wijnand van Aalst sets up a compelling business plan that brings cargo systems to a whole new height with Cargomaxx B.V. Cargomaxx enters the offshore market turning heads with its flexible total cargo solutions combined with its efficient drill cut handling solution.


Shanghai time, van Aalst Marine & Offshore opens an office in China

Van Aalst Marine & Offshore B.V. opens an office in China, which marks the ongoing success in the Chinese market.


van Aalst Bulk Handling achieves 70% world market share

Van Aalst Bulk Handling B.V. achieves 70% of world market share and is considered a leading supplier in pneumatic ship un-loaders. Aside from pneumatic ship un-loaders the company has expanded its business portfolio further to developing several cement import and export terminals carrying extremely low dust emissions.


Expanding to the concrete mixers and batching plants

The concrete mixers are engineered, manufactured and sold under the company Mulder Europe B.V. and is mainly active in Europe.


Expanding into the USA stevedoring market

Van Aalst Group acquires stake in PBC services. The stevedoring company operates and owns four floating cement ship un-loaders in the USA. The 400 TPH ship unloaders are engineered and produced by van Aalst Bulk Handling B.V. and are mainly used on the Mississippi river for inland distributions. The stake was divested around 2011.


Expanding into the offshore market

Wijnand van Aalst and Arno van Aalst, the sons of Gert van Aalst enter into the business and invest into specialist company providing bulk handling systems on floating barges and other marine and offshore applications. Presently the supply vessels and self-discharging cement carriers are engineered, manufactured and sold by the company van Aalst Marine & Offshore B.V.


First pneumatic self-discharging cement carrier

Gert van Aalst further expands into the market of self-discharging cement carriers. He developed the concept of pneumatic self-discharging cement carrier and delivers the M/V Ronez. This vessel is presently still in operation for the original owner in service between The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The self-discharging cement carriers are presently engineered, manufactured and sold by the company van Aalst Marine & Offshore.


Worlds first mobile ship un-loaders

Gert van Aalst, the son of Arie van Aalst, expands into the market of road mobile pneumatic ship un-loaders. He further developed the concept of pneumatic ship unloading and designed the world’s first road mobile ship un-loaders, which since 1999 is engineered, manufactured and sold from the company Van Aalst Bulk Handling.


First Dutch company in pneumatic bulk handling of cement

Van Aalst Group roots dates back to 1954 by Arie van Aalst. As the founding father of the first Dutch company of pneumatic bulk handling of cement, he developed a vacuum-pressure system and built this into a converted tug with which he was able to discharge cement in bulk and blow this into the storage silo located on the batching plant. These stevedoring services are presently offered by PBC services for the Americas.