DBMAS® touchschreen

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DBMAS® touchscreen

DBMAS® [12" touch screen]  controls the loading & discharging of all the dry bulk tanks. It controls all the valves, compressors, dryers of the Van Aalst discharge system. The centre of DBMAS® is a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). This industrial type of computers is specially designed for the use onboard support vessels. The PLC of the DBMAS® is installed inside an electrical cabinet in the engine room. To control DBMAS® a touch screen display is installed in the wheelhouse panel (flush mounted type). From this touch screen all functions can be controlled and monitored. There is a possibility to extend the number of touch screens.

Advantages of our DBMAS®

  • Safe; Due to the fact that the DBMAS® operates all remote operated valves the changes are minimised that the valves are erroneously opened.
  • Easy to operate; Very low skill is required to operate the DBMAS® with still maintaining full discharge capacity and no possibility of human errors.
  • No blockage in piping lines; Because the air supply is regulated by the DBMAS®, there is no danger of blockage of the cement / Liquid mud line. This is an advantage for operators on tight time schedule of today’s charters.
  • Savings on equipment; The wiring between the E.C.R. main electrical cabinet and the wheelhouse control screen, is limited to one wire instead of 200+ wires which run normally between the E.C.R. and the wheelhouse.
  • Small wheelhouse panel; The wheelhouse panel only consists out of a small panel with a on/off switch, an emergency stop and a touch screen display. The designer can save on required installation space for other equipment on board.

Discharging program

On the special designed discharge program the advantages are enormous. The DBMAS® discharge program makes it possible to set the required discharge pressure and the discharging sequence. DBMAS® will automatically start the compressors and dryers, after checking with main switchboard (heavy load enquiry function) also for sufficient cooling water supply. After this the bulk tanks will be emptied / discharged onto the offshore platform. Once the discharging is started, the discharge rate will be kept to a maximum.

Loading program

The DBMAS® is equipped with a special loading program. The operator can identify from which bulk tanks from which side will be loaded. The DBMAS® will open the relevant valves. During the loading it is visible which is loaded and which tank needs to be loaded. If the 1st tank is full, the program will automatically switch over to the next tank. The operator will be notified by an acoustic signal if the filling procedure is completed.