Actual simulation of offshore cargo transfer at R&D/Training Centre

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Dordrecht, The Netherlands - March 28, 2011

Actual scale simulation of offshore cargo transfer at new Van Aalst R&D/Training Centre.

Cargo transfer from an offshore service vessel onto a platform, or vice versa, will always remain a critical job. Time is money, safety is priceless, and effective cargo discharge as well as the intake of return loads are essential. In their brand new Training and R&D Centre in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, Van Aalst Marine & Offshore helps to streamline this process in a realistic, true scale environment for everyone involved in the front line of offshore supply services.

Built on three generations of bulk handling expertise, Van Aalst Marine & Offshore is a world-leading supplier of pneumatic cargo systems for the shipping and offshore oil and gas industries. Inventors of the self-discharging cement carrier, and innovators of tank and discharge technology, Van Aalst is finding new ways to improve discharge efficiency and overall cost effectiveness.

Training is key, according to Wijnand van Aalst, CEO of Van Aalst Marine & Offshore: “We have re-created a ship's installation in a 1:1 scale including a 300-metre pipe connection up to a 40-metre platform, vent filter system, pressurized tanks, everything. An ideal setting for hands-on training of offshore and terminal operators and other professionals involved in the offshore industry supply routine. As we continue to innovate, the R&D function also is an essential asset for the testing and development of our cargo handling systems.”

The first site visits by international groups from Norway and Brazil have been successful and Van Aalst expects to host several training sessions for chief engineers, superintendents and other professionals in the months ahead. At the Van Aalst Training Centre, available courses include basic and advanced trainings in ‘Offshore dry bulk handling’ and Advanced CargoMaxx offshore dry bulk handling.