• CargoSafe motion compensation system for cranes, which can be used to
    upgrade cranes on offshore vessels to 3D motion-compensated functionality
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CargoSafe converts existing shipboard or offshore cranes to 3D functionality.

The new 3D-CRANE JIB from Van Aalst Group comes as a compact add-on tool which fits on existing cranes. Hydraulically powered by the crane, the unit provides an additional auxiliary hoist which compensates ship motions.

  • Safe Offshore lifting.
  • Increased workability of total vessel.
  • Separate roll compensation.
  • Easily adaptable to existing crane.
  • Light weight.
  • Controlled from existing crane cabin.

The CargoSafe 3D-CRANE JIB, eliminates load movements during offshore cargo operations.
Load movements lead to dangerous situations for the crew and limits the overall workabililty of the vessel.
Fitted on any crane, CargoSafe will improve safety and increases weather windows for operations.
Efficiency can be further enhanced by the optional remote release lifting hook.

The unit can fit to any marine crane boom.
An adapter installed on the crane tip allows for an easy mounting and/or dismounting of the CargoSafe.
With a plug and play philosophy, the crane can be brought back to its original state within a short period of time.

The low mass of the CargoSafe implies a minimal requirement on the mother crane capacity.
In operation, the crane equipped with CargoSafe will remain within it’s design limits.

Working within the capacity envelope of your existing crane, the 3D CRANE JIB comes with a number of important safety features.
The laser guided collision prevention, camera imaging, MOPS (Manual Overload Protection System) and AOPS (Automatic Overload Protection System)
all contribute to a zero accident environment.

CargoSafe is jointly developed in the Netherlands and Norway by Safeway BV. Safeway BV is a company within the Van Aalst Group of Companies,
specialized in motion compensated gangways and cargo transfer systems in offshore applications.
With CargoSafe, Safeway adds a versatile tool to its gangway portfolio enabling Clients multiple means of transferring goods from a moving ship onto an offshore installation.

The CargoSafe complies with offshore lifting rules in accordance with: 
DNV ‘‘standards for Certification No. 2.22 - Lifting Appliances” 2013 and FEM 1.001 “Rules for design of hoisting appliances”, 1998
The unit is delivered with CG2 certificate.

CargoSafe is a compact add-on tool for shipboard and offshore cranes for 3D compensated lifts.
The unit compensates the crane tip motions when deployed using its own motion reference unit.
The system is powered by the hydraulics of the crane and compensates vessel motions up to Hs=2,5 meter.
The control system has 4 modes of operation:

  • Normal crane operation.
  • Rope Damping System engaged.
  • Active Heave compensation engaged.
  • Full 30 compensation.

Next to the motion reference system, a laser reference system controls the distance to an offshore installation and prevents collisions.
The 3D CRANE JIB is operated from the crane cabin. Seperate controls are delivered as a module and customized to best suit the existing crane controls.

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