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PRESS RELEASE July 4, 2020

Dutch Van Aalst Group launches Nortek Services AS

To provide best-in-class preventive and predictive maintenance services, combined with workshop services for...


Cargomaxx, the multipurpose cargo system for offshore supply vessels has been selected by Petrobras and Statoilhydro because of its cost efficient and flexible features. The first orders have been signed and the prospects for the future are very promimissing.

Each vessel which is equipped with the Cargomaxx system will have a benefit over competitors by obtaining charters and day rates because of the flexibility and increased payload. It offers a multipurpose and flexible system to store and transport all kinds of cargoes in only 1 tank. Instead of using dedicated tanks for each cargo, flexible tanks are used which can carry more than just 1 product. This results into an increase of volume and a higher flexibility, which will be of benefit for the owner, as the vessel increases its payload.

Offshore service vessels (OSVs) are becoming larger, more specialized and technically sophisticated as a result of the rising demand for more complex deepwater field developments. All this has led to an expanded definition of OSV which refers to "not only traditional supply boats, but also anchor handling tug/supply ships, well stimulation ships, and standby ships" and even those "built to carry hazardous and noxious substances or to occasionally recover oil."

It is now commonly recognized that the design and arising from increased operational complexity and technical advancement of such ships differ significantly from those of general cargo ships. These new demands have led to the development and innovation of Cargomaxx. Cargomaxx provides leading-edge technology and innovative equipment to meet operational demands helping customers to optimize their performance on their vessels.

Traditional dedicated cargo tanks will be replaced for a flexible cargo tank solution. Currently, traditional dedicated tanks for liquid mud, dry bulk, brine, base oil, fuel oil, and methanol are used. This results into relative small volumes, divided into 10-20 (depending type and size of vessel) separate cargo tanks. The new design will replace all these dedicated cargo tanks. With the Cargomaxx design all above mentioned products can be handled, stored and transported into 1 single tank. The Cargomaxx tanks design, gives more flexibility and a higher payload (cargo tank volume). Resulting into an increased average payload of 20%.

The technology which is used for Cargomaxx is a new development for offshore support vessels but not a new technology by itself. Different from the existing technology is the dry bulk handling system. The solution is a vacuum – pressure system which one of the two Cargomaxx founding partners, Van Aalst, has experience for over 50 years. The distribution and storage of the liquid cargoes will not be different then as it currently is.

The integration of the ship’s cargo handling arrangement to store and transport different products in 1 tank is offered as a package. A total mechanical and electronic (control systems) integration of liquid cargo systems, dry cargo systems including change-over and cargo tank washing is offered  to help construct a safer and more environmental friendly OSV and to minimize their operational risks.

Teamwork and corporation between the supplier and customer at an early stage has resulted in the first orders for Cargomaxx; Simek hull 121 & 122 for Simon Møkster with a Havyard design, and Ulstein yard hull 288 & 289 for Remøy shipping for Statoilhydro. In order to achieve full benefit of cost efficiency and flexibility Cargomaxx needs to be integrated in the early stage of the project.

The shipyard ordering a Cargomaxx equipped vessel will have a benefit by producing the Cargomaxx tanks themselves. This will give them control over the building schedule and will also increase the local content.

The ship designers can benefit from the Cargomaxx solution by designing the vessels more compact and will give them more flexibility. The main design rules for cargo areas have changed from vessels going into service from 2010 (Clean Design CD).

The Cargomaxx concept is designed as efficient as possible and therewith very cost effective. The costs of the system, fully integrated into a vessel design, has been studied and found likely not to increase the total vessel construction costs.


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