Van Aalst Group introduces new generation of motion compensated gangway systems

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Van Aalst Group introduces a new motion compensated gangway system under the brand name Safeway. Thanks to several remarkable innovations, the Safeway gangway bridge makes it possible for vessels to land at a broad range of offshore constructions, varying from small unmanned installations in the Southern North Sea to large offshore production units in the Northern North Sea. Safeway claims workability in up to 3.5 metre wave heights. The new gangway unit is developed and built in the Netherlands.


The first Safeway unit is currently under construction under Bureau Veritas class. The workability of gangway systems has been gradually developing over the past decades. Van Aalst’s planned introduction adds roll compensation, vertical height adjustment and a weight balanced boom construction to the gangway types now dominating the market. These innovations are likely to increase the uptime of staff and equipment on any offshore installation. The added ‘fourth motion actuator’ compensates for ‘rolling’, the vessel’s main motion. Tests and calculations show that Safeway should offer workability with offshore support vessels working at wave heights of up to 3,5 meters.  


The enhanced performance of the new gangway system will improve the safety level for offshore workers dramatically. Van Aalst announces real redundancy by doubling all hydraulic cylinders. The possibility of a 10-meter vertical height adjustment enables the access arm to maintain a nearly horizontal position under most circumstances. This rules out unsafe uphill or downhill walking, further enhancing  safety.


The new Safeway system is designed for easy handling and operating, reducing operational costs. The counterweight balanced boom construction has been an important feature in creating the desired simplicity. Safeway offers training facilities for the vessel’s crew on board or at Van Aalst office.

End of 2015 

“With Safeway we are aiming to revolutionize the walk-to-work market, introducing a product which surpasses competition and will be very attractive for projects in both renewable and oil and gas markets.” says Wijnand van Aalst, CEO of the Van Aalst Group. The first Safeway unit is expected to be available for the rental market by the end of 2015.  

Van Aalst

Safeway BV is a company within the Van Aalst Group of Companies, developing and supplying cargo handling systems for more than 850 vessels worldwide. Safeway adds a best-in-class personnel transfer solution to the versatile portfolio of the Van Aalst Group.


Safeway gangway systems will be presented at the OTC exhibition in Houston at the booth of Van Aalst Group (Dutch pavilion nr.2427).