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Safeway has signed an agreement with the Assodivers Group for the launch of its state-of-the-art Seagull motion compensated gangway system.

The Assodivers Group is a Greek underwater contracting entity specializing in subsea power cable installation and controlling a fleet of specialized subsea construction, offshore support and cable installation vessels.

The Seagull unit will be installed on the Aethra (IMO number 9181481), a 94 meter Construction Support Vessel owned and controlled by the Assodivers Group. The installation is envisaged to take place in week 41, 2016 at Rotterdam after which the offshore testing will commence.

The two companies have teamed up to jointly showcase the vessel and gangway solution to the market with subsequent spot market charters in mind from November 2016 onwards throughout the winter season. The Seagull is designed for year-round workability in North Sea conditions and, installed on the Aethra, it will bring an un-paralleled performance to the market.

There will be an opportunity to visit the vessel and gangway system in the Port of Amsterdam during the Offshore Energy exhibition in Amsterdam on 25th and 26th of October 2016.

The Safeway is presently undergoing site testing and Bureau Veritas approval is expected by the end of week 40. For further information on the Safeway system or enquiries for a charter of the Aethra equipped with Safeway, please contact Mr. Remko de Boer, of Safeway B.V. or Mr. Ioannis Togias of the Assodivers Group.

Download the specification sheet